A desire to evolve, immerse, or change oneself, life transitions, uncertainty, fear, pain -- these are just a few of the reasons people seek healing.

My healing path has different ways of touching Spirit. Certainly every client’s needs are special and addressed in an individual way. It is my heartfelt wish to hold your trust, maintain your privacy and do my utmost to ensure your progress and well-being.

What happens during sound healing?

The client sits or reclines in a comfortable position. I will ask permission to put my hands on or near the client. After the client is comfortable some breath work will be encouraged. Music may or may not be used to facilitate this. Some assessment of the client energies will be done. These days I like to use the feet or the trapezius/neck area as a starting point. Tone, bowl or gong work proceeds from this point.

What happens during runework?

Client needs are discussed, questions are asked, answers given, and guidelines for the nature of the rites are established and agreed upon. Runes can be read, chanted, laid, drawn, invoked, runespelt, or otherwise employed in human affairs.

What are shamanic ways?

These ways are of great scope and depth, and of wide variety. The ways are chosen specific to each client. If it is appropriate, I may journey, traveling to an otherworld to ask one or more Power Animals or Spirit Teachers to assist me in helping my client. There are many other core techniques that may be employed to each unique situation.

Healing work through Songs From The Otherworld.org is given without regard to payment.
Donations are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.