Bill Warford
Live in-store performances of
meditative, transportive sound
Bill Warford will be playing new
Astral-Ambient Guitar Music for your enjoyment at Crystal Essence
Saturday, August 26th Performances at 3:00 and 7:30 pm
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THE SALMON SPRING is the latest in a series of works designed for shamanic journeying, meditations, or mind-manifesting listening .
Composed with singing bowls, resonant metals, bamboo and stone flutes, organic and synthetic sound devices, percussion and voice.
Less subtle and more entheogenic in its intent, utilizing a homemade instrument, everyday reality and lots of synthetic processes, PSYCHEDELETRYPTYCHA contains three drone-based songs from the otherworld.

Close your eyes and you can fly away.
"Music has been coming through me for as long as I can recall. The healing power of sound was critical during my own health crisis. Experiencing its clarity and strength, I knew it was important to learn and share this healing with others. I am looking forward to meeting you, and sharing my music."
Bill Warford is an initiate to the runic mysteries. He received a year of shamanic dreamwork studies from one of Sandra Ingermann's approved teachers right here at Crystal Essence. His other teachers include Laurie Cabot and R.J. Stewart. He is an professional independent recording and performing artist, experienced woodsman, and sound healer. His grounding and belief in the curative powers of the natural world guides his healing work and artistic vision. In his healing practice, he utilizes varied modalities of sound and shamanic journeying for the well-being and benefit of others.
Call or visit our website www.crystalwellness.com to Register
Or just drop in
Crystal Wellness Center
Upstairs from Crystal Essence
39 Railroad Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230

I currently perform live in my studio or outdoors, in the gardens.
I'll be posting notification of future events on this page.
If you are interested in booking a performance in your venue, please contact me.

For more information call 413.644.8887 or email

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