Songs The Salmon Spring


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About this Song

The Salmon is a magical creature of powerful medicine known to many cultures around the world. Inspired by my times within the Nuxalk Nation of coastal British Columbia, I filled this journeying song with the elemental magic, spirit and healing found there. The sacred spring within this song is your place of peace and wisdom and once you have travelled there you may return whenever you will it. As easy background sound or as a useful tool for shamanic work, it is my wish that my music will deliver to you all the love and good intentions I put into it.

This song from the Otherworld was arranged to serve as signposts on a shamanic journey.

The Salmon Spring

0:00 Invocation
0:53 Drumming Down
2:25 The Place / A Gathering of Helpers
4:43 Moving Further / Talks With The Ancients
10:32 Salmon Spring / The Gift (Bestowal) / Absorption
18:05 The Call Back / Sliding Home
19:10 Up Where You Came From
19:56 Emergence / Solidification
20:25 Earthworks

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